WTLX Mix Tapes: Side 1, Song 1

Note: This series originally appeared on Facebook in a slightly different form, Aug-Sept 16.

In late May 85 I spent a couple of nights down in the old campus radio station at my alma mater putting together two mix tapes. I cued up records one after another and just let the tape run. In August 16 I listened to them for the first time in quite a while. Over the next six weeks or so, you can listen to the songs from those tapes, one a day, in the order they were recorded. There are songs that were hits at the time, album cuts from the early 80s, various obscurities, etc., etc. A few are certainly cringe-worthy in retrospect. You’ll also be getting a number of reminiscences from me along the way. My hope is that at least occasionally I’ll bring back some fond musical memories. All song rankings given refer to the Billboard Hot 100.

Side 1, Song 1: This song was beginning its ascent of the charts at recording time, on its way to #1. Here, have some Phil Collins.

Mix Tape Blogging

I made mix tapes for myself and others over the span of a decade, roughly 1985-95.  The number of cassette players in my life has dwindled considerably since then, but I still like to listen to the ones I’ve kept.  I posted about three of these tapes on Facebook in the second half of 2016.  Over the coming weeks those posts (with perhaps some modification) will be making their way here; I have plans to blog about others of my tapes in the near future, too.

Hello world?

I’ve been posting stories about music and its impact on my life to Facebook for about a year or so.  Wondering if maybe a blog isn’t a better format for my ramblings on that and other subjects.  So, here we are.  If all goes according to plan I’ll be mixing in many of my old FB posts along with new material in the coming months.  Enjoy.