Scads of July and August Charts

Catching up on the shows recently played on Premiere for which I have charts…

They last played this show three years ago, right after I started blogging (#37 was the song I featured, both praising and lamenting Steinman’s craft). Hadn’t started posting charts yet, though, so I get to right that wrong. Don’t know how quickly after I wrote this up that the grease stain appeared.

Hello/Goodbye: Even with just two debuts, there’s a newbie: it’s the first time on for Alabama. Eight songs fell off after this week, and half of the acts on the way out never appeared again: Carole Bayer Sager, A Taste of Honey, Climax Blues Band, and Rosanne Cash.

My sun-faded chart:

The Moodies start a four-week run at the top. “Bette Davis Eyes” is in the last of an eight-week stretch in the top three (only one of those had been at #1). Wish I’d ranked “Seven Year Ache” higher (it would peak at #16); it’s one of my absolute faves on this chart now.

Half of the sixteen songs that debuted on either 7/1 or 7/8 have moved into the top 20. Two of ’em are already top 10, but only three more would eventually join the Commodores and Pablo Cruise.

Hello/Goodbye: Last time I did a charts post, we bid adieu to the Village People. This time, it’s bon jour; we’re also seeing Chris Rea for the first time. On the flip side, that’s all for Love & Kisses.

How long did I try to draw an outline of the lower 48 at the top of the first page? I’d started the week prior. It lasted through the end of October; I guess my broken wrist on 11/5 is what sank the practice.

Hello/Goodbye: Both of the debuts come from cagey veterans. On the farewell side of things, we have Cat Stevens, Dean Friedman, and Hot.

I didn’t listen to this show back then, I’m pretty sure, as 8/14 was the day we took off on our Myrtle Beach vacation. We spent that night at a Holiday Inn in Asheville, NC (we hadn’t left until after lunch–my folks weren’t road warriors, for certain). Unfortunately, we stayed at the same place on the way back the following Saturday, and were treated to a roach darting out of the bread basket during dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. The things one remembers…

Hello/Goodbye: Say howdy to Marshall Crenshaw and the solo career of Jeffrey Osborne. Everybody about to fall out came back for several more visits.

My chart:

The Motels are in the middle of a three-week run at #1. I would not have “Hurts So Good” so high in a do-over. While on the topic of do-overs, I should have had “Love Plus One” and “Nice Girls” up in the teens at least (they’re #36 and #31, respectively, and would both peak in the upper 20s). I’m surprised now how “Angel in Blue” had such legs for me–I didn’t own Freeze-Frame, and it’s not like I was hearing it on the radio any more, either.

A bonus chart–this show was an alternate offering last month, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to put a chart from all seven summers in one post. I know I’ve said it before, but the second half of 1979 is one of my favorite stretches, but generally not for the big hits. As I note below, things are starting to get cranking in that respect.

Hello/Goodbye: Big hello action here–greetings go out to Bram Tchaikovsky, the Jones Girls, Sniff ‘n the Tears, and Nick Lowe. (While “The Boss” is no slouch, those four songs, plus “Sail On,” form an incredible debut cohort.) Alas, it was goodbye also for the Jones Girls.

This marked the end of the first quarter-year of hanging on to Casey’s every word. Only five of the forty from that 6/5/76 show are still hanging around: #34, #30, #15, #11, and #9.

This was the one and only time I included a “peak position (so far)” column.

Hello/Goodbye: Another one-week wonder in Red Sovine. It’s also over for Henry Gross and Keith Carradine.

This is one of the shows for which I created an iPod playlist more than a decade ago. Starting sometime earlier in the year, I’d finally gotten into the groove of printing more carefully, a trait that would carry through the rest of my charting days.

Hello/Goodbye: A quiet week in this regard. If you want to count ON-J/ELO as a new act, you do you.

My chart:

The novelty song at #7 was a plenty silly choice, but it foretold my interest in arcade video games. No way would I put Meco so high now. Outside of that, it’s a solid Top 10. Not sure I ever heard “Tulsa Time” on Cincy radio, but they played the snot out of “Cocaine.”

Speaking of Cincy radio, here are a couple of offerings from WKRQ at around the time of our ’78 and ’80 shows. As promised a little over a month ago, we have a late 70s Charlie sighting.

I also thought I’d show you the backs this time. Winning a trip to see Elton back then would have been swell…

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