Playing Chart Catch-up

At the end of March, we got a show from 1977. Can you figure out the Mystery Song?

Even with a few duds (David Soul, Mary MacGregor, and especially John Travolta), this is a boss collection. A few weeks ago I tweeted about another incredible back-to-back pair, sitting here at #32 and #31.

Hello/Goodbye: Greetings to Cerrone and the Climax Blues Band; no last-timers this time.

Hopping into April, we had a pair of shows from the charting years played Easter weekend. First up, 4/10/82:

“Through the Years” had fallen off the show just two weeks earlier and became one of the most popular choices for LDDs over the next few years. I can understand if you expected this to be the first time it was requested, but that’s not the case: according to Pete Battistini’s 80s book, it’s the third, having already performed this duty on 3/13 and 3/20, while it was still on the show (my records, admittedly sketchy with respect to extras through much of 1982, don’t have it listed as an LDD on 3/13).

Hello/Goodbye: Coming aboard for the first time are the Human League, Tom Tom Club, and Junior (if you want to count Ray Parker, Jr. too, okay). This is it for Sister Sledge and the Oak Ridge Boys, however.

As for my picks:

This is another instance of Premiere playing the show immediately prior to a selection rebroadcast last year, so much of what I said then still applies here.

Back to 1979 now:

That crease down the center of the page makes me strongly suspect I toted this sheet to a Saturday track meet–along with my battery-operated radio, of course. There’s a definite switch in pens used between “In the Navy” and “Goodnight Tonight.” Maybe that’s when I got home?

Hello/Goodbye: Say howdy to G. Q. (despite my inability to hear the correct name over a cheering crowd). Chuck Brown and company are here for the final time.

Lastly, a recent trip to April 1980:

“Ride with the Wind” just doesn’t have had the same ring, you know? As for the Picks: Smokey was at #41, so I wasn’t going out on much of a limb, but “Rockin’ Into the Night” was a mighty strange choice, as it’d already departed from the Hot 100 after peaking at #43. Loved the song then and still do, but putting it here was a completely unforced error–a case of paying more attention to local radio than the national charts at Recordland, I guess.

Hello/Goodbye: James Last and the Clash are newbies. Felix Caviliere and Utopia are gone for good (Rundgren was also done as a solo artist by this point).

My own chart is in rough shape. The Harris Top 50 was still a nascent effort, and I clearly didn’t take care of the piece of paper my first few lists are on:

I wouldn’t put “Special Lady,” “Think About Me,” or “Fire Lake” quite as high now, but on the whole this is a fair ranking of one moment in time.

It’s been several months since I showed anything from my WKRQ collection; here are two from dates close to those of the April 79 and 80 countdowns:

I don’t recall Q102 playing Linda Clifford’s disco-fied “Bridge,” but I completely believe they were all over George Thorogood (which somehow didn’t even make the Hot 100). One year later, ten fewer songs–and no extras–meant fewer opportunities for interesting selections.

One last picture, from the back of that orange sheet, about Q102’s current contest:

Dig that 5K in gas money…

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