Charts of Augusts Past

Time to play catch-up with charts for shows Premiere rebroadcast during the second half of August. This time around we’re capturing moments when I’m about to start 8th grade, 11th grade, and college.

First, 8/16/80:


The missing 60s Archives #1 is the extremely brief “Stay,” from Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs. Additionally, “My Eyes Adored You” was a LDD during the last hour of the show. Can only wonder now why I used a different pen for the bottom 20.

As to what I was thinking:


ON-J is in her third of four at the top; Carnes is about to interrupt her stay for two weeks. Eventually, the Stones, Air Supply, and Cara would reach #1. There was always a week’s lag in Billboard chart date and mine–that’s why you don’t see “Upside Down” here (Ross is debuting at #34).

But what’s that song at #8?

My descent into arcade video gaming had begun earlier in the summer after coming across Space Invaders. A few weeks later, Q102 was playing this novelty piece by a Cleveland DJ. Yes, my brain was sufficiently cooked to have bought the 45. It would get one spot higher on my chart.

Next up, 8/21/82:



This was from the weekend we attended the World’s Fair in Knoxville on the way back from a Myrtle Beach vacation. Looking back, perhaps I should have predicted I’d write up just a few more charts after this one. The 7/24 chart was the last time I noted the previous week’s Top 3 or wrote down any LDDs; my last set of predictions for the following show came on 7/17.

And now it’s me again:


I’m generally still okay with this Top 10, though I tired of the Johnny Cougar song pretty quickly. The Go-Go’s, Wilde, and Toto are pretty clearly my favorites out of this bunch now, though the Motels aren’t far behind.

Finally, let’s check out 8/27/77:



I like my logo.

Surprised to see that I actually predicted Gibb to re-claim the #1 position–I was just two weeks early (and I jumped the gun on 9/3, too). It is the case that I didn’t appreciate “Best of My Love” then nearly as much as I do now.

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