Last Photo Together

It’s early August 2014, and Erlanger Christian Church has scheduled the folks at Lifetouch to come in and take pictures for a new edition of the church directory. By this point, Mom isn’t much of a morning person, so she called in and signed up for an early-to-mid afternoon time. There’s about a week left before my work schedule starts filling up again for the upcoming academic year, so it’s easy for me to drive up and take her to the church.

While we sit waiting in the hallway of the education wing, I see some folks I know from my years of attendance (I visit less often than annually these days). We chat a little, mostly catching them up on my life and family. Then it’s Mom’s turn.  We go into the gathering area where the camera and lights are set up, Mom slips off the tubing attached to her portable oxygen machine, and allows the photographer to arrange her arms and adjust the angle of her chin. He takes several photos and then we move across the hall to review them.

They aren’t very good. Mom has always complained that the camera shows no love for her. She’s not right about this in general, but maybe she is this time.  While we dither over what to do, a moment of grace arrives–the photographer offers to have her sit for another round. This creates delays for the people who’ve since arrived and are waiting in line, but no one complains (for this I’m grateful).

Perhaps in an effort to get Mom to relax, the photographer invites me to join her for a couple of shots. He even takes a couple of me by myself. Whatever his intent, it works. She has a couple of nice options now, and there’s a good one of the two of us.

Yes, he’s sensed a sales opportunity, but I don’t care. We purchase some of the pictures and then head off to Frisch’s for a late lunch. Mom won’t return to the church she grew up in and loved until the day of her funeral, seven months later.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love the picture.

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