American Top 40 PastBlast, 3/1/86: Sly Fox, “Let’s Go All the Way”

In the fall of 85, the radio station I’d most often hear over the speaker system in Transy’s student center was not my beloved WTLX (doubt we had a quality signal or even the range), but WFMI, a top 40/urban hits station located in nearby Winchester. One song they were playing early that semester that caught the attention of several people I knew was “A Fly Girl,” by the Boogie Boys. It’s the parts where they repeated the title phrase over and over that stuck with me most, but the underlying groove was, as they say, infectious. It was a Top 10 Black Singles hit and spent a bit of time Bubbling Under the Hot 100, but it disappeared pretty quickly from my thoughts by the end of the semester.

Until, that is, the following February, when that groove seemingly popped up again. This time, credit went to a new duo, Sly Fox, who happened to be on the same label (Capitol) as the Boogie Boys. The much poppier “Let’s Go All the Way” broke through in a way that “A Fly Girl” didn’t (it still wasn’t quite hip hop’s time, apparently); I was one of those who bought the Sly Fox single, which eventually reached #7 (it’s hanging out at #30 on this show).

Somewhere along the way I’d gotten the impression that there were lawsuits over the similarities between “Let’s Go All the Way” and “A Fly Girl,” but either those got resolved amicably or I’m just plain wrong (I suppose a third possibility is that the Internet still doesn’t know everything/isn’t willing to yield to my feeble search skills).


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