2/2/80 and 2/11/78 Charts

Premiere has played shows over the last couple of weekends for which I have charts. First, 2/2/80:


The semi-interesting thing here is the “Two Years Ago” feature at the bottom, just one of the various add-ons I tried out over the years (many of which were quickly abandoned). This was the first week I’d done this particular thing, and it looks like it lasted six weeks. ‘Cause, ya know, it’s important to note what #32 was previously…

While we’re on the topic of 1980, here’s Q102 from this date 39 years ago:


Interesting mix of songs already off the national chart hanging on (Starship, Foreigner)  and songs they seem to be leading on (Floyd, Ronstadt, Babys). Love that “Romeo’s Tune” was in their top 5. I heard the Molly Hatchet plenty back then, and was a touch surprised it turned out to be a song Casey never played.

It’s the LP Extra that’s got me interested today, though–if I heard Q102 play it back then, well, it didn’t stand out. “Kill the Fire” is the rocker I know and love from Phoenix, but “Wishing on the Moon” is one I’m going to have to revisit on occasion.

And then here’s the 78 chart, one week after Debby Boone graced the show for the final time:


Speaking of temporary features, it’s looking like “Guess the Mystery Song” is about to bite the dust. Maybe it’s just the radio station I tuned in this past weekend, but I thought the re-mastering of this show was fantastic–the music just sounded so clear. Kudos to Shannon Lynn and Ken Martin!

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