New Year’s Resolutions, 2019

Time for another potentially worthless exercise in goal-setting! But, hey, I’m not getting any younger, and I have the feeling that time’s a-wasting. I’ve actually given this a little thought the last few days, and maybe, just maybe, putting it out for others to see will make me a tiny bit more accountable to it. Guess we’ll find out.

Read physical books daily.  I read a lot of the internet but I have a pile of books just waiting for some attention, including some I got just last week. Time to take some time for that.

Write, at least a little, daily. It doesn’t all have to be aimed toward public consumption, but I could see there being benefits to making it a more disciplined thing.

Get better at programming in R. R is a statistics-oriented programming language. Knowing more about its capabilities could be of use in the classroom.

Be more disciplined about screen time. These last two will entail being on the computer plenty, but I actually want to fritter away less time staring at it and my phone this year.

Declutter a little daily. I’m terrible about letting things pile up around me; I need to let go of a lot of stuff. Maybe if I just do a little at a time I can make some headway here at the house, the office, and the storage unit.

Lose a pound a month. It would be better if I took off more than that, but, like with the clutter, perhaps targeting a little at a time will result in some progress.

Break a real sweat three times a week. Kinda goes hand in hand with the weight, but I am dreadfully out of shape.

Find an ongoing volunteer opportunity. I spend far too much time keeping to myself.  Plus, the nest will empty at some point in the second half of the year—I may need something to keep my mind off that a little?

Be more present with others. Related to the previous entry. This includes family, folks around me here in KY, and even those I’ve met online.  You are who you are—and I’m all too introverted, I know—but I also recognize there’s much to be gained from interacting more with the fine folks in my life.

Wish me luck! Perhaps I’ll report back in 365 days (but if the results are terrible, maybe not).

Later this week, I’ll introduce the theme for a decent chunk of my 2019 blogging.

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