SotD: Shriekback, “Nemesis”

This one seems suitable enough for Halloween.

I first learned of the British band Shriekback when I saw their 88 release Go Bang! at Record Service in Champaign. Doubt I heard anything from it at the time (it does contain a remake of “Get Down Tonight,” for the interested), but the album’s cover was one to catch the eye in the store.

“Nemesis” is the song I really know from them; it comes from their 85 release Oil and Gold. I heard it multiple times in the early 90s on WOXY on trips back and forth between Urbana and home.  They get big bonus points for using the word “parthenogenesis” more or less appropriately in a dance tune, but give some of them back for the silly, low-tech masks and such in the vid.

2 thoughts on “SotD: Shriekback, “Nemesis””

  1. I was introduced to the sound of Shriekback via the inclusion of three of their tracks in the 1986 film (and on the soundtrack album to) MANHUNTER.

    Bought OIL AND GOLD later in 1986 and fell for “Nemesis” as well.


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