9/1/79, 9/17/77, and 9/18/82 Charts

Three countdowns I charted have been rebroadcast so far this month. First up is 1979.


If I had to venture what my five favorite songs were at the time of the show, I’d probably go with #1, #5, #12, #15, and #18, though not in that order (#22, #27, and #37 wouldn’t have been far behind).

The circled numbers down by the LDDs indicate where the song came on the show; the 18 by Helen Reddy means it was played between #18 and #17 (that song draws an emotional reaction from me now that didn’t happen five years ago.)

Next up is the 77 show that was just played. It appears that this sheet was folded into quarters at some point.


A real-time top 5 might have consisted of #5, #7, #8, #12, and #20.

“The Harris Box” was a very short-lived feature, maybe a month. The week before it’d contained lyrics to one of the seven songs that fell off on this show, “Whatcha Gonna Do?” Clearly I’d listened to this one, as I more or less regurgitate in minute detail (Dear Abby-style) Casey’s story about Ted Nugent’s hunting interest.

One more notable thing about this one–it’s the first time I recognized Saturday as a chart date (I used Sat-Sun dates through the end of the year, then switched over exclusively to Saturdays starting on 1/7/78).

I think I’ve said before that I maintained personal charts through the end of 82, even though my AT40 charts stopped after 10/2/82. This was the first of three weeks at #1 for Alan Parsons and Co. Chicago, the Go-Go’s, and the Motels were all previous chart-toppers, while Randy Meisner has the only future #1. Melissa, Kim, and Eddie all climbed one more position before topping out.  Billy got to #7, while sadly, Marshall only made #12.


Finally, here’s the real 82 thing.


Bare bones, though apparently I had a lapse in remembering how to spell September. I was two weeks into college life, and kept only two more charts after this. One of the Lexington papers (the Herald and the Leader merged in December 82) carried the Billboard top 20 on Sunday mornings; I don’t know if I was relying on that for half of the countdown or not. I think WLAP was also doing the shows on Sunday mornings by this time.

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