7/14/79, 7/22/78, and 7/26/80 Charts

July was a busy month for shows I charted back in the day. We’ll see the modest makeovers I did mid-year in 79 and 80 in this go-round.

First, from 79:

No clue now what stained this paper; it’s a bit in evidence on the 7/7/79 chart, too. Starting with 6/30, I moved the LDDs, archive songs, and previous week’s top 3 to the bottoms and put 20 songs on each side. It certainly made for a cleaner look overall.

Next, 51 weeks earlier:


Except for messing up Evelyn King’s first name (did I think her voice sounded male?), everything’s pretty much in order.

Before we get to the 80 chart, here’s my take on the action:


Billy Joel was in his fifth and final week at the top, so no former #1s to be seen. However, there are four, count ’em four, future toppers: ONJ, Carnes, Stones, and Air Supply. “Magic” would be in the top 3 for 11 weeks. That Seger song is one of my two or three favorite singles of his. Feels a little strange how I dug “Atomic” much more than “Call Me,” but I stand by that opinion to this day.

By the way, can you tell what song was #26?

And lastly, the 80 chart:


On 6/28 I started putting songs 11-20 one to a line, again moving all the extra songs to the bottom. I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the only week in the history of the Harris Charts where my top two matched Billboard’s.  I believe ‘LO’ and ‘GO,’ in the archive section, stand for July 60 and August 60, respectively–I must have been trying to code so that it wouldn’t take up much space. Think I’ve mentioned this before, but one of my favorite song titles is Marshall Crenshaw’s “I’m Sorry (But So Is Brenda Lee).”

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