American Top 40 PastBlast Redux, 1/25/86: Pete Townshend, “Face the Face”

Before I started this blog, I posted about songs from old AT40s on Facebook, January-July 2017. I’ll be moving them here over time. This entry has been edited somewhat from the original.

At #27, coming off its peak one position higher, is Pete Townshend’s second, and last, solo hit.  My recollection is that James was a big fan of this one.  I couldn’t find a complete copy of the version I remember being played on MTV, so you get one that’s truncated.  It’s missing maybe about the first minute, but we do get to see Pete’s daughter Emma take her turn at the mic.  That instrumental section in the middle is mighty sweet. I’ll include a copy of the whole thing, too. Here’s the 7″ edit.
This countdown came just before the Challenger explosion. I’ll write about that another time (maybe whenever they next play the 2/1/86 show), but I did see this touching article on a couple of weeks ago about an artifact that survived the tragedy.

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