6/26/76, 7/3/82, and 7/9/77 Charts

The 6/26/76 chart is the third one I wrote up (I didn’t do one for 6/12 until a few years later; I’m anticipating that show will be rebroadcast next year, so I’m holding off on the explanation for now). I was still settling in on the project, but some conventions were already beginning to take hold.

I conveniently included a legend for posterity’s sake. A star was used for songs ascending, an underscore for those on their way down, and an overscore indicated a holding pattern. I circled the numbers of the debut songs. Predictions are there, as well as whether or not I’d gotten them right (I’m not sure now how I knew the results, as the next week AT40 played a special countdown). However, there’s all sorts of craziness going on:
–I got the year wrong (that’d happened the previous week, too);
–I Was following Very Arbitrary capitalization Rules from song to Song;
–Plenty of misspellings of artists’ names. My favorite is “Fin Lizzie.” That wouldn’t get corrected until the 7/18 chart. In my defense, please listen to the 6/5 show sometime–the way Casey pronounces the first word of their name the week “The Boys Are Back in Town” debuts sure sounds like “fin” to me.

These summer 76 charts are some of the very dearest in my collection; the 82 and 77 charts presented below are really dull by comparison. But before we get to them, though, let’s see what’s at the top of the Harris charts in July 82:


Toto was in week two of a four-week run at the top. “Africa” was at #4 when I stopped doing these at the end of 82; I’m guessing it would have reached the summit had I continued. Tommy Tutone was the only former #1 here, while .38 Special, Soft Cell, and the Motels had the future chart toppers.  Paul and Stevie were at their highest position. I’m a little surprised to see Willie match his real-life peak.  Apparently I was a big supporter of the J. Geils song–it got to #11.

Now for those less-exciting charts.

Just the facts.  I’d accidentally written in “Personally” at #26 originally and must have decided that trying to simply overpower it with “Break It Up” wasn’t going to work.

We’d just gotten home from our Western trip; I guess I was still in recovery mode, at least in part.  My game stepped up again the following week.

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