Richard and Caroline Through The Years

Today would have been my parents’ 56th wedding anniversary. To mark the occasion, here are a few pix of them together over the years.

This looks like our place in Stanford, which would put it at 1970 +/-. My best guess is that they were hosting an open house for the congregation of Stanford Christian Church. I have no recollection of this; I wonder if Amy and I were even on site!


The note on the back of this one says 1979. It was taken right outside my Great-Aunt Birdie’s house in Warsaw. Don’t know the occasion; could have been Dad’s birthday. It’s a jolt to realize I’m now a half-decade older than they are in this picture.



Next up, they’re at the famed Sherman House, in Batesville, IN. Other pictures I have indicate that Gran, Aunt Nancy, and Uncle George were also present that day.  Date unknown, but I’d guess early-to-mid 90s. If I knew cars well enough, I could be more precise.



The tag Dad’s wearing indicates this was one of his high school reunions–Mom’s glasses make me think it’s the 45th, in 1994.



This feels like a crisp late spring day; clearly they’re much older. No idea of the occasion, if there was one, nor who took it. I’d guess it’s from the mid-aughts.



They did make to their 50th anniversary, in 2012, but Dad didn’t feel well/strong enough to join the rest of us for a celebratory dinner at Red Lobster that evening, and there’s no picture from the day that’s worthy of showing. It wouldn’t be long before things got less good for him.


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