American Top 40 PastBlast Redux, 2/25/84: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, “Runner”

Before I started this blog, I posted about songs from old AT40s on Facebook, January-July 2017. I’ll be moving them here over time. This entry has been edited somewhat from the original.

When I published this on FB last year, the previous week’s 70s rebroadcast had been the 77 countdown that featured “Blinded by the Light” at #1.  Seven years later, Manfred Mann’s last go-round on AT40 popped up.  It’s at #36, heading to #22.  One wonders how they were allowed to incorporate the Olympic flag (and what I assume is actual footage) into this video.  The timing for it was pretty odd, too:  the Sarajevo Winter Games had just ended, and the LA Games, with actual track events, weren’t happening until late July.

2 thoughts on “American Top 40 PastBlast Redux, 2/25/84: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, “Runner””

  1. Per Wiki:
    In 1984, the band issued the single “Runner”, a cover of the song by Ian Thomas, featuring Thompson on lead vocals and Mick Rogers on backing vocals. The song was a non-LP single in the UK but was included on the US release of Somewhere in Afrika. It was a top 40 hit in both Canada and the US and was used during ABC’s broadcasting of the 1984 Summer Olympics and in the film The Philadelphia Experiment.

    So I’m guessing there was a trade.


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