Three Pix of Mom and Her Kids

In honor of my mother on this Mother’s Day, three pictures from years ago of her with Amy and me.

Looks like this is from right around my second birthday. If it was taken and not just developed in February, then Amy would be four months old. We’re in our house in La Grange. I appear to be a little squirmy!



The second one seems to be Easter, very likely 69. We’re facing our house in Stanford. The Holtzclaws’ house is on the left, and I think that’s the Murphys’ on the right.



My sister’s hair was this short in a school photo with a note on the back indicating she’s 10. That makes me say this one is from the summer of 75, a little before she turned a decade old. Additionally, I look more like my sixth grade picture, taken fall of 75, than the one from seventh grade. This is our front yard in Walton. I-75 is way in the background; all that open space behind us is well-developed now. 75 was a great year to be a Reds fan…


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I’m definitely thinking about you today.

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