American Top 40 PastBlast, 3/27/71: George Harrison, “What Is Life”

A little over three years ago, George Harrison’s estate commissioned a contest to create an “official video” for “What Is Life.” This was the winning entry; it features two dancers, Emma Rubinowitz and Esteban Hernandez, of the San Francisco Ballet. It’s a joyous piece, fitting for such an exuberant song.

I must confess I’ve not done a lot of deep listening to Harrison over the years. Pretty sure my Beatle-phile friend Warren is shaking his finger in my general direction right now.  I know, I know–All Things Must Pass definitely deserves attention. I do love this song, though; my favorite George solo track by far. It’s peaking at #10 this week.

While I was just seven at this point, I see lots of songs I recognize and love on this countdown, including four from my beloved side one of K-Tel’s 20 Power Hits, Volume 2 (“Doesn’t Somebody Want to Be Wanted,” “Sweet Mary,” “Put Your Hand in the Hand,” and “Stay Awhile”). There’s also “Mr. Bojangles,” “Joy to the World,” “What’s Going On,” and a certain “modern spiritual.” Hope it’s as much your scene as it is mine.

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