SotD: Faith Soloway, “Sister’s Boyfriends”

In early 99, the 2-CD set Respond was released. It’s an all-woman cast, generally from the Boston music scene. Proceeds from sales went to benefit non-profits in Boston that work to end domestic violence; some of the songs address that theme. While there weren’t too many known quantities among its twenty-seven tunes (Patti Larkin, Juliana Hatfield, and Mary Lou Lord were the ones with whom I was familiar at the time, but Lori McKenna became well-known afterward), it garnered more than some degree of notice. Billboard named it its Album of the Year. And oh by the way, my second cousin Sandi performs one of her songs on it!

There are a lot of songs I like on Respond (it’s going to be what I listen to in my office today). One of the more offbeat is “Sister’s Boyfriends,” by Faith Soloway. Faith’s music career never really took off, but she’s found a little success over the years in various music and theater ventures.  Right now, she’s working on her younger sibling Jill’s Amazon series Transparent. I’m assuming that Jill is being referenced in the title…

Two random notes:
–Faith and Jill attended the same high school in Chicago as my grad school roommate John and his wife Anna—based on Faith’s date of birth (she’s just six weeks younger than I), it’s likely that she was one of their classmates.
–This song is probably responsible for one of the early nicknames we had for our son, who was born right around the time I bought this collection. One of sister’s boyfriends is said to have a “Buddha belly.” While Ben was by no means chubby when he was a baby, he looked a little round sometimes when he was sitting, so I (and subsequently Martha) would call him Buddha every so often.

One thought on “SotD: Faith Soloway, “Sister’s Boyfriends””

  1. Faith did graduate the same year Anna and I did, but I never knew her. Our graduating class was close to 1000 folks.


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