American Top 40 PastBlast, 2/18/84: Real Life, “Send Me an Angel”

There’s a certain synth vibe that was prevalent in late 83/early 84. It cropped up on various pop hits—“Here Comes the Rain Again” and “Come Back and Stay” immediately come to mind—but I’d bet if an unfamiliar song from that period came on the radio I could say it came from then.

This is another one with what I think of as that sound, at its peak of #29. Real Life, from Australia, re-recorded/re-mixed/re-released it five years later and reached #26 then (I distinctly prefer the original).

As if in confirmation of my point of a sonic connection, when I summoned the video below on YouTube to include here, the above-mentioned Eurythmics song was queued to be next.


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