SotD: Red Button, “Behind a Rainbow”

Seth Swirsky and Mike Ruekberg, two LA musicians, formed The Red Button in the mid-aughts. Swirsky’s biggest claim to fame may be co-writing a couple of top 10 hits on Taylor Dayne’s first album; Ruekberg led a band called Rex Daisy. As a duo, they not only channeled the Beatles and other cool 60s pop vibes, but did so with clever lyrics and sonic gusto. I first learned of them sometime in Fall 16 from a FB conversation with Warren/Professor Mondo; I was asking him for power pop recommendations. Subsequently, a copy of their first release, 2007’s She’s About to Cross My Mind, appeared under the tree a year ago. It’s really good!

A couple of months ago I was all set to add their 2011 follow-up As Far as Yesterday Goes to my 2017 Christmas wish list when my Amazon search turned up Now It’s All This! It’s a 2-CD set that just came out in October in which they’ve remastered both full-length albums AND recorded six new tunes AND included “unplugged” versions of four previously released songs. I’ve really been enjoying both the second album and the new stuff.  Hard to know that the new material is totally worth the price if you already own both Cross My Mind and Yesterday, but it could be worth considering.

Today’s feature is one of the new songs; it employs the classic theme of a mismatched pair of lovers. While I wouldn’t call it Beatle-esque, it does include a sly reference to hand-holding. To check out their more Fab Four-ish material, try “Cruel Girl” or “Caught in the Middle.” A couple other tunes, “Floating By” and the new “Solitude Saturday,” sound more like they’re imitating Elliot Smith imitating the Beatles (which is a good thing as far as I’m concerned).

If any of this sounds remotely appealing, The Red Button would be a decent investment of some of your time.

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