Christmas/Holiday Cheer: Michael Bublé, “Cold December Night”

It’s evolved into a tradition at our house to add one new Christmas music CD to our collection each year.  When I’m on top of things, I order something in time to arrive by Thanksgiving, so that we can enjoy it in its season.  Not every one is an immediate winner—the jury’s still out on this year’s selection, Lauren Daigle—but more often than not, we’re pretty pleased.

Five or six years ago, we picked up Michael Bublé’s Christmas, which has gone into regular rotation.  I’ve not listened to any of his other stuff, but I’m pretty impressed by his pure, smooth tone.  The arrangements are decent and there are some nice duets/collaborations.  Plus, we got the bonus track version from Target!

Like many albums of its kind, Christmas contains one original composition, and it’s one of my favorites on the disk.  “Cold December Night” tells a tale of being in love during the holidays and the concurrent hope for reciprocation.  Even though Martha and I met in January and were already thinking about shopping for a ring by the time our first Christmas together rolled around, this song somehow makes me think of those heady days in 95 when she and I realized where we were headed.

One thought on “Christmas/Holiday Cheer: Michael Bublé, “Cold December Night””

  1. Love the tradition of adding one Christmas album a year to the stash. Not sure I could ever just pick one myself.

    Sorry to hear the Lauren Daigle disc isn’t working out for y’all – Behold was one of my favorites last Christmas.

    As for Michael Bublé, I’ve been a fan forever and his Christmas disc is a modern day Christmas essential that appeals to all ages.


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