Sixty Minute Tape, Song 13: House of Schock, “Middle of Nowhere”

Late in 2016, I posted on Facebook about the contents of a mix tape I put together sometime in early 92.  It’s the only sixty-minute tape of its kind in my collection.  I’ll be re-upping modified versions of those sixteen posts over the coming weeks.

The Go-Go’s hit the scene during my senior year in high school.  Their debut album Beauty and the Beat is an outstanding pop record, and I loved “Vacation,” the title track of the follow-up.  They broke up in 85 but have had temporary reunions every once in a while since, including a farewell tour last year.

I don’t know what Kathy Valentine did musically after they split, but the other four did have varying degrees of success in their post-Go-Go worlds.  Belinda Carlisle (several albums, four top 10s) and Jane Wiedlin (a few albums, one top 10) both pursued solo careers.  Charlotte Caffey was part of a trio called the Graces (one album, a minor hit single).  And Gina Schock formed her own group, House of Schock (Ellen DeGeneres’ brother Vance was in the band).  They released one self-titled album in 1988 that went (maybe oddly fittingly?) nowhere, but it did contain this single, an absolute gem which caught my fancy a couple of years later.

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