American Top 40 PastBlast, 11/15/75: Simon and Garfunkel, “My Little Town”

Most of my earliest experiences with pop music came from listening to AM radio in the car.  I began paying closer attention around late 73-early 74, just before I turned 10; looking back, it seems that for about a two-year period, all of my musical memories occur while either Mom or Dad is driving me somewhere.  That started changing toward the end of 75.  It must have been around then that I obtained or at least began regularly listening to a transistor radio.

Here’s one of those first tunes (#19, on its way to #9) that wasn’t confined to being heard on a car ride.  Whether or not it’s an actual memory, listening to it causes me see myself looking out my bedroom window on a cold late autumn evening, craning my neck to look west and watch trucks in the distance on I-75. I don’t think I appreciated fully at the time how cool it was to have Paul and Art singing together again.

I know now that WSAI in Cincinnati had started playing AT40 a few weeks earlier, in October.  Less than five months after this broadcast, I had caught the fever and was listening to it close to regularly.  It wasn’t long before music was with me just about all the time.

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