American Top 40 PastBlast, 11/7/70: R. Dean Taylor, “Indiana Wants Me”

Martha remembers hearing this on the radio when she was young. I don’t–in fact, I think that I really became acquainted with it only in the last decade or so. Perhaps the fact that she grew up in the Hoosier State made it more memorable for her?

I like the song (at its peak of #5 here) quite a bit, but must confess I have a hard time with the underlying cause for our narrator going on the lam. “If a man ever needed dyin’, he did/No one had the right to say what he said about you.” And now he misses her? Maybe he could’ve thought about that before committing murder over an insult?

The version played here, with the sirens at the intro, was taken off the radio because too many motorists thought a police car was coming up behind them. It’s still able to fool: when it comes on now at our house, our dog Buddy’s been known perk up his ears and get ready to howl mournfully, just like when he’s caught outside with ambulances and fire trucks going down the main drag that’s about a half-mile from our house.

3 thoughts on “American Top 40 PastBlast, 11/7/70: R. Dean Taylor, “Indiana Wants Me””

  1. OK, here we go…

    I first ran across R. Dean Taylor from a lesser hit, also on translucent red vinyl (I picked it up at a garage sale when I was a kid, primarily because it looked cool.) Like “Indiana Wants Me”, the production effects play a starring role. And when I was ten, this was pretty rockin’.

    (Side note: Taylor was reportedly the first white artist signed to the Motown family of labels.)

    On the early 70s rock-and-roll police beat, there’s also this classic from the kings of bubblegum:

    Thanks for the blast from the past.


    1. You’re welcome! And thanks for the other vids. I occasionally forget there’s another “Run Joey Run” out there besides the one by David Geddes…


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