From The Archives: Ben’s 7th Birthday

This is my son Ben’s 17th birthday.  I’m excited about the memories we’ll generate today,  but here’s a look back ten years ago, when he turned seven.

It was a three-day event.  His birthday was on Thursday, which he spent going to school and being with Martha and me.  His three grandparents and Auntie Ruth visited on Friday, and then on Saturday we had a party at the now-defunct local bowling alley with neighbor friends and classmates from his combined 1st-2nd grade primary class.


Martha did quite a job with this cake!



One of the gifts from us, opened at 6:30 in the morning on Thursday.



Playing checkers with Grandad at Cracker Barrel.  He looks alarmed that his opponent is about to acquire a king.



For some reason the trombone got taken out on Friday evening.  Five years later he’d be playing that instrument for real in band. It’s the one that both my father and I used.




He left the 5 pin standing–bummer!

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