SotD: Walter Egan, “Fool Moon Fire”

Here, have a music video featuring a werewolf for Halloween!

I was poking through a bin of college-era stuff a couple of weeks ago and came across a list of hits that were being played on WLAP-FM around late April or early May of 83. I’d broken them down as described in one of last month’s posts, by Type (I or II) and position on the tape (A, B, C, or D) as provided by the station’s vendor.  I’m including a picture below.  Maybe a couple of different tapes are represented; it looks like it covers a fairly brief window, maybe a week or two. It’s a nice snapshot of the tunes being featured at the time, however.  I can’t know if the station had any input into what was included, but I like that whoever was putting it together was occasionally taking chances on new songs that wouldn’t wind up breaking onto the Top 40.

Here’s one from the list that didn’t quite make it, peaking at #46. It’s a mighty fine song, and I remember liking it pretty well that spring (note that I didn’t get the first word of the title correct, though). Walter Egan is best known for “Magnet and Steel,” which featured Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks on backup vocals and was apparently about (Egan and) Stevie. He also wrote “Hot Summer Nights,” a medium-sized hit for Night in the summer of 79.

While I wish the vid was of higher quality, I’m glad to have the opportunity to see it.



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