Sixty Minute Tape, Song 6: They Might Be Giants, “Ana Ng”

Late in 2016, I posted on Facebook about the contents of a mix tape I put together sometime in early 92.  It’s the only sixty-minute tape of its kind in my collection.  I’ll be re-upping modified versions of those sixteen posts over the coming weeks.

The entirety of the lower 48 of the U.S. is antipodal to the Indian Ocean; however, there are parts of South America (mostly Peru, Chile, and Argentina) that are antipodal to countries where the surname Ng is commonly found. Regardless, I’ve always found the image presented in the opening lines arresting (the inspiration came from a 1953 Pogo comic strip). Tip of the hat to the TMBG wiki for this last bit of info.

“I don’t want the world…I just want your half,” is in my Song Lyric Hall of Fame.

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