SotD: Go-Betweens, “Love Goes On!”

Soon after I became friends with Greg in the spring of 90, he shoved 16 Lovers Lane, by Australia’s Go-Betweens, my way. I was immediately taken by it, and over time I’ve become inclined to claim that it’s my all-time favorite album. The group had two power centers–Robert Forster and the late Grant McLennan–each with his own distinctive vision. The ten songs are split right down the middle in terms of writing credit (and vocals). McLennan’s contributions, particularly “Quiet Heart,” “Was There Anything I Could Do?” and even more particularly today’s feature are THE gems for me, but Forster’s “Love Is a Sign” and “Dive for Your Memory” are remarkably good as well. Both men bring melancholia galore. There’s a legitimate point of comparison (two intra-band romances going south) between late 80s Go-Betweens and Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac. No, I’m not claiming 16LL is as good or important, but I say give this disk a try if you haven’t.

This song also happens to be the first half of perhaps my favorite two-track sequence that appeared on any of my mix tapes. I even put them back-to-back on a mix CD a decade later. Of course, the second of those tunes will be featured tomorrow.

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