Sixty Minute Tape, Song 2: Shaking Family, “Tic Toc”

Late in 2016, I posted on Facebook about the contents of a mix tape I put together sometime in early 92.  It’s the only sixty-minute tape of its kind in my collection.  I’ll be re-upping modified versions of those sixteen posts over the coming weeks.

Last November when I was putting together my post for this song, I couldn’t find a video on YouTube. However, I did find a blog called Coffee for Two, which had an article about it, along with audio link.  The proprietor there is Dan Seeger, whose palette is much broader than mine: in addition to music, he writes about movies, television, pop culture, and beer. The primary muse for his music blogging is the time he spent in the late 80s/early 90s as a disc jockey at a regional state university in Wisconsin while an undergrad. The “One for Friday” series there is of particular appeal to me, since a decently high percentage of songs he writes about are by artists with which I have some familiarity from my final years at Illinois, mostly thanks to my buddy Greg. I definitely recommend checking out Mr. Seeger’s blog–a link is in my blogroll, too.

As I was preparing this rewrite, I decided to trawl around one more time for a video. By searching only for the group (and not including the title of the song), I actually stumbled onto one that plays the song not once, but twice!  I’m pleased to link to it today.

The Shaking Family hailed from Kentucky–their FB page says home is Louisville and Lexington. James introduced me to them on one of my trips back to Lex while I was in grad school; he even included a song from their first album (vinyl only, on an indy label) on a tape he made for me in 89 or 90. “Tic Toc” comes from their one major-label effort. It has several nice tracks, but this was the catchiest and by far my favorite.

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