AT40 PastBlast Redux, 6/11/83: Little River Band, “We Two”

Before I started this blog, I posted about songs from old AT40s on Facebook, January-July 2017.  I’ll be moving them here over time.  This entry has been edited slightly from the original.

One of the groups I most consistently enjoyed during my middle and high school years was Australia’s Little River Band. I didn’t buy any of their albums until they released a GH disk in 82, but I don’t recall being meh on any of their singles–many were big favorites. Their fortunes started changing during my freshman year of college after lead singer Glenn Shorrock left to try a solo career. John Farnham, the replacement, sounded good (he had a huge international hit on his own a few years later with “You’re the Voice”), but apparently they were coming to the end of their rainbow. I very much like this tale of love slipping away, from their first post-Shorrock album (here it’s #24, heading to #22), but it’s the last song of theirs I really dug.

Legal issues regarding who owns the rights to the name Little River Band have prevented the folks who comprised much of the group in its heyday from using it on the reunion tour circuit. I find that a bit of a shame.

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