SotD: Lyn Collins, “Think (About It)”

This past Friday I got to the local HS football game quite a while before kickoff (my son is in the band, not on the team). Unsurprisingly, they play music over the PA system prior to the game, mostly hip-hop, rap, and classic rock. At one point they went old school and played “It Takes Two,” by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock. I don’t remember it all that much from when it was popular in the late 80s, but I find it pretty groovy. Since I was just kinda killing time in the stands (Martha was off helping other band booster volunteers and taking pictures), I did some research on the phone about “It Takes Two” and learned how this oft-sampled, James Brown-penned jam provided its “Yeah! Woo!” and female vocals. As fate would have it, Ms. Collins’ hit was on the Hot 100 from which this past weekend’s 9/23/72 AT40 rebroadcast was pulled, in the middle of a seven-week run where it peaked at #66.

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