SotD: Rave-Ups, “Sue and Sonny”

The Rave-Ups, from LA via Pittsburgh, caught a bit of fortune in 86 due to leader Jimmer Podrasky’s relationship with Molly Ringwald’s sister: an appearance in the movie Sixteen Candles and, subsequently, recording contracts. I first realized I was hearing them in 90 via the song “Respectfully King of Rain,” off their third disk Chance. My friends Toby and Greg were familiar with them and helped further spur my interest. Unfortunately, soon after the band was dropped by their label, leaving me to scavenge cutout bins and pre-eBay/Amazon listservs to score their out-of-print first and second albums.

My favorite, by quite a bit, is their 88 release The Book of Your Regrets, the provenance of this one. The lyrics could use polish in places throughout the album, but there’s quite a bit to like: hooks galore, memorable characters, and striking images. I listened to it tons between 92 and 95 and put four of its tracks on tapes; it’s a definite recommend. It’s disappointing to see that only a relative few of their songs are available on YouTube.

Podrasky and another former Rave-Up have occasionally gotten together in recent years for shows. In the end, I guess they’re one more band that coulda been with just one more right break at the right time. I’m grateful for having encountered their stuff.

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