SotD: Royal Guardsmen, “So Right (To Be in Love)”

Apparently my father liked “Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron” sufficiently when it hit #2 in early 67 to go out and purchase the album Snoopy and His Friends by The Royal Guardsmen (and yes, I still have it). When we were young, Amy and I both enjoyed the first side, which contains all three Snoopy/Red Baron songs (“Return of the Red Baron” and “Snoopy’s Christmas” are there, too), along with some faux WWI-era reports from “behind the lines.” Come to think of it, maybe Dad bought it for us…

Some years later, I flipped the disk over to check out side two. It’s much more 60s rock/bubble gum-based, though a number of the tracks continue the airplane/WWI theme (“Airplane Song,” written by Michael Martin Murphey, hit #46 in Jul 67). There were two songs that had nothing to do with Sopwith Camels or the Western Front. “I Say Love” (#72, Feb/Mar 68) was very nice, but the one I absolutely adored had been the B-side to “Wednesday,” a tune from another album which hit #97 in Sep 67. Even though the sentiments expressed aren’t especially deep or insightful, I perceive it to be an almost perfect distillation of what was good about its particular time and place in rock.

2 thoughts on “SotD: Royal Guardsmen, “So Right (To Be in Love)””

    1. Wow. I’d never made the connection. Last night I played “The Story of Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron” for Ben and heard it. Likely one reason I didn’t catch on is that I had always heard this as “Pierre LeClair.” Thanks for telling me.


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