From The Archives: 1987 Selfie

Twenty-plus years before it really became a thing, I gave taking a picture of myself a go. Five of my Transy friends had driven up from Lexington to meet me at my folks’ house and go see the Reds play. Afterward, it was back to Florence to have dinner on the deck in back. I took half-a-dozen pix of the festivities; I came across them recently while looking through a bin of photos I inherited from my parents.  Since Mom had a camera similar to this, it wouldn’t surprise me if that were the one I used. For one of the shots, I held the camera out with my left hand and tried to get my face, along with James and Michaela, in the frame. I’m not sure I’d ever tried anything like that before. I couldn’t know how successful I was until the film was developed, but I was pretty pleased with the result!


I’m not sure about the date–it’s decently likely that the game was this one, as it’s the only Saturday day game the Reds played at home in July or August of 87. It’s certainly plausible, as I might have come home from Illinois for a quick visit around then before final preparations for qualifying exams later that month. If this is correct, it also would have been two weeks before the gathering of these same friends (and others) I wrote about in my “Bad Attitude” FB post back in May.

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