American Top 40 PastBlast: 8/31/85

In its day this video was considered, if not a technical marvel, at least highly creative. Things advanced fairly quickly, though–the last minute of Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” vid was only six years away. And with CGIs now, well…  (Edited to add: Alas, in 2018 it seems that one can’t link to the original video any more via YouTube.)

Kevin Godley and Lol Creme were part of 10cc in its early days, as well as in that band’s predecessor, Hotlegs. They broke from the group in between its two big US hits, and recorded as a duo for a number of years, finally striking gold in the US (getting to #16; it’s #29 here) with this one. Their greatest mark was left in video direction, however: besides “Cry”, their oeuvre includes “Girls on Film,” “Every Breath You Take,” “Two Tribes,” “Rockit,” and “Everybody Have Fun Tonight.”

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