American Top 40 PastBlast: 8/14/76

Back in my early days of listening to AT40, I would really look forward to the show’s start. Some of my strongest memories from those months–even before I began writing the charts down–center on learning the identity of the song at #40. Plenty of those tunes get no play any more: “Action” by Sweet (the first one I remember, from that March), “Hit the Road, Jack” by the Stampeders (I think I’ll be mentioning this one again before too long), and “Shop Around” by Captain and Tennille. Others, like “More, More, More” by Andrea True Connection and “Love is Alive” by Gary Wright, might ring a louder bell.

This countdown’s #40 is one of the more obscure. Lady Flash was Barry Manilow’s backup group; he co-wrote and co-produced this song, their only hit. It’s a nice tribute to an earlier era, and would reach #27.

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