WTLX Mix Tapes: Side 3, Song 1

Note: This series originally appeared on Facebook in a slightly different form, Aug-Sept 16.

I broke my left wrist on the afternoon of Saturday, November 5, 1977, still the only broken bone of my life (knock on wood). That night, after returning home from the hospital casted, I heard the Carpenters’ version of this song come in at #40, on its way to #32. I’d really love to know how Karen and Richard came to select it for recording…

I’m pretty sure that I was aware of the existence of Klaatu during that period, hearing the rumors that they were really the Beatles, secretly reunited, instead of three guys from Canada (probably from listening to the top 40). I was turned on to them for realz, though, by Warren Moore during my sophomore year of college. An edited version of this song was the B-side of “Sub-Rosa Subway,” which also has an historical basis (and a cool Beatlesque tune that’s worthy of your time). That single reached #62 in April 77.

The original World Contact Day, including the first “transmission” of the message on which this song is based, was March 15, 1953.

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